We were a part of the very first Pegasus Yacht

We are a proud partner of  Pegasus Yachts company. We were a member of the development team in the phase of the creation of the prototype.  Our role was to choose all the yachts’ textiles and produce all the bedding, blankets, decorative pillows and towels. Maybe the best way to describe our work is with the help of the co-founder and one of the creators of the Pegasus Yacht.

»Without Ana and Brina and their Dream Journey company, our first Pegasus 50 would be much less attractive and comfortable.

First, they advised us, helped us choose the materials, colours and method of production. After the flawless quality, they also stood by our side during the boat’s preparation and presentation. Deram Journey is not just a supplier but a partner for us. If all the partners were like Ana and Brina, creating and building a yacht would be much easier.«

Miha Breskvar, Pegasus Yachts

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