Graphite lucky star percale pillow


Graphite grey lucky star decorative pillow is handmade and made of percale cotton. It has a hand screen printed star motif, which appears in a screen-printed bedding collection. Percale is known for its simple matte finish and crisp feel. It becomes softer with washing. You can use this pillow as an additional pillow on your bed or as decoration on your seats and sofas.

Size: 40 cm × 40 cm
Material: 100% percale cotton
Colour: creamy white with graphite grey print

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Material: 100% percale cotton

Percale is a 100% cotton fabric whose popularity is growing. Its tight, high strength, flat weave cotton is perfect for sheets and bed linen. Its weave gives the material a simple matte finish that is smooth with no gloss but crisp and lively to the touch. Percale cotton becomes softer with washing. If you want to emphasise its crisp look, iron it with a hot iron.


You can wash the duvet cover My Dream Journey sheets at 40 °C. You can tumble dry it on medium, but line-drying it will be more gentle to fibers and you will be able to use it longer. Do not use bleach. To maintain the quality of the fabric, avoid using softeners.

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