Percale cotton starry sky duvet cover


Percale Starry Sky is a smooth and crispy double-sided duvet cover, made from excellent percale cotton. The top side of the duvet cover is screen-printed with little stars. The Percale Starry Sky fabric is not bleached or coloured. During warmer nights, use it as a blanket without quilts – this is also the reason we used an invisible zipper. The zipper also keeps the quilt in place.

Size: 140 cm × 200 cm
Material: 100% percale cotton
Colour: light beige

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Material: 100% percale cotton

Percale is 100% cotton fabric growing in popularity, with a tight, high strength, flat weave cotton, perfect for sheets and bed linen. Its weave gives the fabric a simple matte finish, smooth with no gloss, but crisp and lively to the touch. Percale cotton becomes softer with washing. If you want to emphasise its crisp look, iron it with hot iron.


The Percale Starry Sky duvet cover can be washed at 60 °C, and is already prewashed and shrunk. Always wash with the zipper closed. You can tumble dry it on medium, but it will last longer if you line dry it. Do not use bleach or dry-cleaning. To maintain the quality of the fabric, try to avoid softeners. If you iron it, avoid ironing over the invisible zipper.

Percale cotton Starry sky duvet cover.

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