Spending my time with the loved ones, exploring the unknown and sleeping.

For us, travelling means that we travel together with our home. We do not sleep in hotels or rented apartments. This makes us feel like our home is everywhere. Home is where we park, by a beautiful beach in Greece, make it our own, and are the first ones to dive into the sea, and say good morning to the fish. Home is when we drink tea after an excellent day of skiing in the Dolomites.

Our motorhome is our second home, and we want our home to be cosy and nice. The place where we sleep is very important, because it is a place where we hug our loved ones and make the time for closeness that slips through our fingers in everyday life. And also because we try to catch up with sleeping we’ve missed. In our bed, we plan and dream about our next destination.

Our bed is our special place. That is the reason we created the special bedding – sheets that are designed to adjust to different bed sizes and shapes, with a special system for fixing the sheets to the mattress. Sheets that are handcrafted from the finest Italian cottons, easy to put on, and simple to fold, iron, and store. They embrace the mattress and stay there until the morning. And when we found and created the solution for sheets, we wanted bed linen that will be unique and special. Now our sheets can be combined with bed linen specially designed, screen-printed, and handcrafted to match both sheets and the interior of our motorhome.

Now it feels like we have everything – hidden places and colourful towns, the best company, home, and the perfect place to sleep, where we can plan our next dream journey.