My Dream Journey adjustable sheets for motorhomes, vans and caravans are designed to stay on your beds.

They adjust to a variety of different sizes and shapes of mattresses,
staying firmly in place throughout the night.

Take all the comfort you can get!

Want customized sheets?

If available adjustable sheets do not meet your expectations and needs, My Dream Journey provides custom-made sheets that will fit your bed dimensions and shapes.

Need help choosing the right size of the sheet?

The eight dimensions of our adjustable sheets are suitable for bed sizes in most motorhomes, caravans and yachts. Because they have adjustable elastic, they are also ideal for beds with curves and other irregular shapes of beds.

Need help choosing the right colours and design?

We are experts in interior decoration and textiles, and we would be happy to help you decide which colours, materials and design will fit your motorhome, caravan, yacht or home best.

Make the interior of your motorhome, caravan or van become a more special place and combine sheets with My Dream Journey handcrafted bedlinen.

Sometimes the shape or size of the bed is so different, even the My Dream Journey sheet will wrinkle a bit. But we assure you they will convince you of their functionality, quality, and design. Little wrinkles that might occur will only make your bed look cosier.

Quality of the materials and craftsmanship are something we at My Dream Journey do not compromise on. This way we can ensure long durability of our bedding.

Enjoy the adventure!

Adjustable sheets for motorhomes, vans and caravans