When creating My Dream Journey bedding, we followed three essential principles:

» usability, functionality and durability
» design and craftsmanship
» quality of the fabrics

Premium materials

Premium materials
and design

Custom made bedding
and other textiles

Help and advice of an interior design and textile expert

Bedlinen for home

We can make custom made bedding just for you! Let us help you choose the materials, design and colours that fill suits perfectly you and your place!

Contact us for order details!

About our premium materials

Canvas woven cotton

Our basic collection is made of 100% canvas woven cotton. Sheets and bed linen are comfortable, breathable, very pleasant to your skin due to their light texture. High-quality Italian cotton is very durable and looks perfect no matter how many times you wash it.


Percale is a 100% cotton fabric whose popularity is growing. The tight, high strength, flat weave cotton is perfect for sheets and bed linen. Its weave gives the fabric a simple matte finish, smooth with no gloss but crisp and lively to the touch. Percale cotton becomes softer with washing. If you want to emphasize its crisp look, iron it with a hot iron.


Sateen fabric is known for its silky and smooth surface. Its softness and shine give it a very luxurious feel. Because of its softness, there is almost no need to iron it, although doing so will emphasize its silky shine. Sateen is also a very breathable fabric. Because of its silky surface, it feels a bit cool to the touch. Most people use it during warm summer nights, but connoisseurs who get to know the fabric know that it is perfect for year-round use.


Linen is one of the oldest fabrics used in our tradition. Although it was neglected as bed linen fabric in the recent past, it is becoming increasingly popular. Its natural colour gives it a timeless appearance. Linen is known for its durability and strength and for becoming softer with washing. It is perfect for year-round use – it keeps us cool on hot summer nights and warm in the winter.