Adjustable sheets

Fitted sheets / Adjustable sheets for motorhomes, caravans and yachts

that adjust to different sizes and shapes of beds in motorhomes, caravans and yachts.
Fitted sheets / Adjustable sheets for campers, yachts and caravans

About our fitted sheets

My dream journey handcrafted fitted sheets are available in:

– 8 dimensions of fitted sheets

These 8 dimensions of adjustable sheets cover bed sizes in most motorhomes, caravans and yachts. Because they have an adjustable elastic, they are also suitable for beds with curves and other irregular shapes.

– 3 different colours and 3 different premium materials

When creating My Dream Journey bedding, we followed three important principles:

– usability and functionality
– design and craftsmanship
– quality of the fabrics

What makes our sheets so special?

Most motorhomes, caravans and yachts have beds that, because of their different sizes or unusual shapes, prevent us from using sheets that otherwise nicely fit normal beds.

My Dream Journey adjustable sheets are designed to stay on your beds and adjust to a variety of different sizes and shapes, staying firmly in place throughout the night. Two stoppers and an elastic allow the sheet to grip firmly to the mattress. Since the elastic is the same size as the circumference of the sheet, the sheets can be easily stretched, ironed and folded.

Sheets are available in cotton, percale or satin. All of them are excellent Italian cottons.

My Dream Journey bedding collection also offers 2 dimensions of flat sheets, which can be used for smaller bed units or folding beds. They are also usable as bedspreads or seats covers.

Adjustable sheets for campers, yachts and caravan

Putting on your adjustable sheet

The sheets will fit best on the beds if the elastics on both sides are tightened. It is better if they are tightened too much than too little – when you put it on the bed, you can loosen it a bit, if necessary. Because of deviations in sizes and shapes, My Dream Journey sheets are sometimes not a perfect fit, but we assure you that they will convince you with their functionality, quality, and design. Little wrinkles that might occur only make your bed look cosier.

However, for those who insist on no wrinkles, there are also custom-made sheets available.

Make up your bed neatly

Easily stretched, ironed and folded.